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The criteria to be a puppy sitter are very similar to those required of our Puppy Raisers, with a couple significant differences:

    1. A puppy sitter is “on call” and does not have a puppy full time.  It is the puppy sitter’s choice if they have time to puppy sit by accepting or refusing an opportunity.
    2. A puppy sitter may or may not have public access with the puppy they are sitting.There are two types of sitters:
      • Full Public Access Sitters – Sitters who have attended several OccuPaws training classes and have been approved by the Sitting Coordinator to take their puppy into public.
      • Home Sitter ONLY – Sitters who have not attended enough training classes and/or who have not been approved to take OccuPaws’ puppies into public.  They simply provide a safe, home enviornment when needed while following the training and command expectations.  Non public access sitters will still need to attend a few classes to learn the basics of the commands and rules to the puppies.
    3. If a sitter is needed for one of the puppies, the Sitting Coordinator will contact one or more sitters, where appropriate, to see if they are available and interested.  Sitting assignments may vary from overnight to several weeks and are always at the sitters convience and availability.


Puppy sitters are not financially responsible for the dogs they watch and all supplies (crate, food, meds, toys, etc) will be provided by OccuPaws. All emergency vet care will be paid for by OccuPaws except if accident or injury is caused by sitter (ie: let’s dog play off leash in unconfined area and is injured, allows access to poisons, etc.)

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