What’s a Quarter Auction ? Its a fun and exciting way to spend an afternoon and win prizes from our 14 different vendors for just quarters at a time!
How it works – You walk in and buy one paddle for $5 with a number or 3 paddles for $10. This money goes directly to the OccuPaws. The chip of the numbers will be added into a basket. You then walk around and talk to the vendors prior to the 1 pm start. Vendors will have their auction items on display and many will have cash & carry and specials!!
You (and hopefully a few friends) will sit at a table with a bowl in the middle of it. The first vendor holds up an item for “bid”. For example a Pampered Chef representative holds up an amazing basket of kitchen tools with a value of $24. (Item Value determines the bid – $1-$25 = 1 quarter bid, $26-$50 = 2 quarter bid, $51-75 = 3 quarter bid and over $75 is 4 quarters). This is a one quarter bid item so you put a quarter in the bowl on your table and hold up your paddle with your number on it. (If you want a chance to REALLY win it, put a quarter in for EACH paddle you want to hold up. Yes, you can have more then 1!) Once everyone’s quarters are in the bowls and paddles are up the vendor draws a number from the basket. If the owner of that number has put a quarter in the basket and raised their paddle in the air they just won that $24 item for a quarter. If you don’t want to bid on an item you don’t have to, but if you don’t bid on an item and they call your number you don’t win and you would say “no bid” so that another number can be drawn. We will draw numbers till we get a winner (ie someone who has their paddle up and put the quarter in). A volunteer will then go around to all the tables, pick up the quarters and its the next vendors turn! Each vendor will have 6 auction items. (Split into 2 rounds of 3)
Still don’t understand, don’t worry, we’ll help you out!! Just have a paddle or two or three before the auction begins at 1!