Leave a Lasting Legacy

I want to remember OccuPaws in my Will

There are ways to help OccuPaws help the visually impaired community, even after you are gone.  You can choose to leave a gift,  for whatever purpose you choose, in your Will or Trust.

Including a Bequest to OccuPaws in your Will or Trust is a popular way to leave a legacy and make a lasting contribution.  If you have not made plans or a will, your attorney or estate planner can help you include appropriate language for whatever gift you choose to give.

If you already have a will or trust, and you wish to add giving a gift, you do not need to redraft it.  Merely ask your estate planner to help you add a simple codicil (addition).  Then just keep it with your original will or trust documents.

If you have other questions, just contact us at 608-772-3787 or email info@occupaws.org