PawsForward – New Lisbon Correctional Institution

New Lisbon Correctional Institution (NLCI) approached us about adding a prison program at their institution. We were thrilled with the prospect so the PawsForward – NLCI program began a few months later. The inmates at NLCI care for our dogs in the same manner as home puppy raisers. The process is different from traditional training as we also have local New Lisbon volunteer weekend puppy raisers who take the puppies out of the institution on weekends for various forms of training and socializing plus living in a home environment. We also have several volunteers who conduct weekly classes within the institution for inmates on training, grooming, etc.  Check out our newsletters for inmate stories!

Without the help and support of the NLCI Management and Staff, all the area Volunteers, the OccuPaws Board, and several other OccuPaws Volunteers, this program would not have been possible. We currently have about 20 inmates and 10 dogs in training with a potential of placing more as well as providing puppy sitting services to our Madison based home puppy raisers.

If you would like to help with a monetary or in-kind donation to support this program, visit our Donate Now page.

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