A Joint Project between OccuPaws, Pathways to Hope, and the Oshkosh Correctional Institution

Guide Dog Puppies raised in a Correctional Facility!

PawsForward Team

PawsForward Team

One of our newest initiatives, which we started planning for several years ago, has begun in Iris and inmateDecember,2012 with the placement of four puppies inmate and pup(Pax-Golden Retriever, Murphy-Standard Poodle, Patti-Black Labrador Retriever, and Kenzie-Standard Poodle) with about a dozen inmates.  The inmates will raise, train, feed, water and care for these dogs in the same manner as home puppy raisers.  This process will differ from traditional training as we will also have local Oshkosh volunteer puppy socializers, who will periodically take the pups out of the institution for various forms of socializing.  We also are very fortunate to have several Oshkosh Volunteers who conduct classes within the institution for the inmates in training, grooming, poodle trimming, etc.

inmate and dog

Without the help and support of the Oshkosh Correctional Institution Management and Staff, Pathways to Hope, Sister Pauline Quinn, all the Oshkosh Volunteers, the OccuPaws Board, and several other OccuPaws Volunteers, this program would not have been possible.  Our goal is to place up to fifteen (15) dogs in training at OSCI which will help us with our mission to provide a highly customized guide dog to each and every Wisconsin and Midwest resident who needs one, at no cost to the client.  We currently have about 25 inmates and 8 dogs in training.  Several currently working dogs have spent some of their training time in the PawsForward Program.

inmates with pups
If you would like to help with a monetary or in-kind donation to support this program, visit our Donate Now page.

Or apply to volunteer as a puppy socializer or trainer.

Press Release from the Wisconsin Department of Corrections.

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